Industry-leading system availability

Passengers on a Gogo 2Ku-equipped flight can expect internet service to be readily available regardless of crowded cabins, busy skies, or satellite handoffs behind the scenes. Gogo makes this possible through an open architecture approach that leverages the entire Ku-ecosystem of satellites, wide beam coverage supplemented by spot beams over congested routes, and continual hardware optimization of inflight system components.

Gogo 2Ku access technology leverages the multi-satellite Ku ecosystem to deliver reliable, redundant coverage around the globe. Unlike other providers who rely on only a handful of satellites, the Gogo network relies on the Ku ecosystem of satellites, enabling built-in redundancy. As demand for capacity increases, Gogo 2Ku technology can utilize the rapidly growing network of Ku-band and/or high-throughput satellite (HTS) constellations to ensure supply and keep passengers connected worldwide.

Our network and capacity are dedicated exclusively to aviation use. Gogo uses a layering strategy of spot beams to provide high capacity where needed, complementing wide beams for coverage and redundancy to avoid service outages.

Gogo 2Ku is a best-of-breed inflight system designed specifically for the complex needs of aviation. Our open architecture approach allows us to continually evaluate hardware components like modems and onboard servers to ensure our airline partners have inflight systems that perform optimally providing their passengers with superior on-aircraft availability.

The Gogo 2Ku Inflight System and Network provides everything you need for scalable, global, satellite coverage wherever you fly – helping your passengers travel happier.

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