Technical services


We can help you certify Gogo’s system hardware from telecommunications agencies in countries where an airline’s aircraft are registered or based to ensure ability to ensure RF regulatory compliance. With regulatory approvals for more than 200 countries and more Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) than any other connectivity provider, Gogo can help you obtain, license for re-use, or amend a Supplemental Type Certificate for Gogo Inflight Systems usage.

View regulatory documents here.


Gogo can support your installation several ways with tools, training, onsite install, and engineering services. Gogo provides multiple tools that streamline installation such as the ability to provision, receive and update to the latest approved software and understand trend data for your connectivity enabled fleet. Gogo can also help train and certify your airline or third-party installers on Gogo system installation. For complex installs, prototypes and custom IFEC integrations, Gogo can also provide on-site assistance.


Gogo can provide maintenance tools for you to sustain your Gogo-equipped fleet - including our 2ku diagnostic tool and file sharing portal. We can also train/certify your airline technical operations and third-party partners on Gogo system maintenance and provide a diagnostic tooling kit. Gogo’s Aircraft Maintenance Control Center (AMCC) aids with troubleshooting, diagnostic support, and maintenance upkeep.

Airline services

Crew training materials

Gogo is ready to educate your crew on how the system works, and how to troubleshoot inflight. Training for flight attendants, gate representatives, and customer service covers inflight experience, connecting inflight, and interaction on issues. More knowledgable crews mean happier passengers.

Marketing strategy

We help airlines drive passenger engagement and brand awareness through creative support, proven promotional strategies and campaign management tailored to meet your goals.

Partnership development

Gogo marketing teams work to drive long-term benefits for airlines and your passengers.

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