A look at our history

It started as a sketch on a napkin – and took off from there

More than 20 years ago, company founder Jimmy Ray had a visionary idea to bring the internet to the sky. Today, Gogo is still delivering the most reliable inflight connectivity to aircraft across the globe with the goal of revolutionizing the air travel industry.


Gogo, previously known as the brand Aircell, begins in a BBQ restaurant in Denison, TX when founder Jimmy Ray sketches on a napkin a radical idea for an aircraft telephone system.


Gogo begins providing phone service for 
business aviation.


Gogo wins a major FCC auction: the only broadband frequencies allocated for communication between aircraft and ground-based cellular networks.


  • Jan

    Gogo completes the build of its cellular-based Air-To-Ground (ATG) network.

  • Aug

    Gogo makes its debut on commercial aircraft, officially launching on American Airlines.

  • Nov

    Gogo launches service on its second airline, Virgin America.


  • May

    Gogo launches on AirTran Airways.

  • Nov

    1,000,000 sessions served! Gogo hits its one-millionth use.


  • Mar

    US Airways adds Gogo inflight internet to five of its Airbus A321 aircraft.

  • MAY

    Alaska Airlines begins its Gogo fleet-wide rollout.


Gogo Vision® officially launches on American Airlines, the first North American airline to offer the service.


  • Mar

    Gogo installs inflight internet on its 1,500th commercial aircraft.

  • Aug

    Gogo receives a subordinate license for Canada’s air-to-ground radio frequency spectrum, allowing Gogo to serve passengers on commercial and business aircraft flying over the country.

  • Nov

    Gogo launches ATG-4, delivering triple the internet speeds of Gogo’s current connectivity solution, ATG, to aircraft.


  • June

    Gogo Inc. hits NASDAQ: Under the ticker symbol “GOGO”, Gogo goes public.

  • Aug

    Gogo launches its first connectivity service supporting Delta Air Lines inflight operations – a part of Gogo Connected Aircraft Services.

  • Sep

    In only five years, Gogo sees its 2,000th aircraft installed with inflight internet.

  • Dec

    Aeromexico partners with Gogo for inflight internet and wireless entertainment.


  • Jan

    Gogo Vision is installed on Japan Airline’s entire domestic fleet.

  • Mar

    Gogo makes its international debut on Delta Air Lines, allowing passengers to stay connected across the globe.

  • Apr

    Gogo announces 2Ku, its next-generation inflight connectivity technology.

  • Apr

    Air Canada commits to bringing inflight internet to its North American fleet via Gogo.

  • Jul

    Gogo inflight internet and entertainment, Gogo Vision, launch on Japan Airlines.

  • Jul

    Gogo launches Delta Studio, a first-of-its-kind wireless inflight entertainment experience with Delta Air Lines.

  • Aug

    Aeromexico becomes the first airline to commit to Gogo’s® 2Ku.

  • Sep

    Virgin Atlantic commits to 2Ku, becoming Gogo’s first European airline partner to implement the next-generation technology.


  • FEB

    Delta Air Lines commits to install Gogo 2Ku and ATG-4 (next-gen Air-To-Ground technology) on more than 250 aircraft.

  • MAR

    Gogo partners with Spafax to enhance global content for Gogo Vision.

  • JUN

    Brazilian airline GOL commits to provide Gogo 2Ku fleet-wide.

  • JUN

    Gogo relocates its headquarters from Itasca, IL to downtown Chicago, IL.


  • May

    IAG group commits to install Gogo 2Ku on 137 aircraft.

  • Sep

    Gogo partners with Air France-KLM to provide connectivity on 124 long-haul aircraft.

  • 2Ku installed on more than 100 aircraft.

  • Built backlog of 2Ku aircraft to beyond 1,500.


  • Feb

    Gogo 2Ku technology hits new performance heights with 100+ Mbps during test flight.

  • March

    Virgin Australia selects Gogo for Inflight connectivity.

  • April

    Gogo named as supplier for Airbus.

  • May

    Air Canada to offer 2Ku on Air Canada Rouge.

  • August

    Alaska Airlines selects Gogo's 2Ku for its entire Boeing and Airbus fleet.

  • Sept

    Wi-Fi is now available on every Virgin Atlantic plane to every destination.

The future starts today

We’re proud of our accomplishments and the strong partnerships we’ve forged over the years. Yet, we’re always looking forward. Our next milestone is already on the horizon.


We’re Gogo, the inflight internet company. We believe the internet should do everything it does on the ground, in the sky.

We give air travelers the freedom to be entertained or work more productively. Connect air crews in new ways for better service and safer operations. And employ innovative technologies to talk to the airplanes themselves to deliver higher performance and cost savings. For more than 20 years, Gogo has been synonymous with better ways of connecting in flight. Today, we’re just taking off.

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